importance of exercise for teenagers

importance of exercise for teenagers


Why is exercise important for teenagers

Exercise holds its beneficence for every individual belonging to every age group. Therefore, children and teens should be encouraged for healthy lifestyles throughout their lives till they grow older. Once you inculcate such habits early in life, they are more likely to stay till adulthood. Here are some of the exceptional rewards that explain why is exercise important for teenagers:

  • Beneficial for body and mind

This is a well-known fact that staying fit is healthy for the body and for the mind. It stimulates the release of feel-good hormones, which helps build up self-esteem and reduces depression. In addition, its benefits in helping sleep well play a huge role in providing relaxation to the body. Also, being able to achieve your fitness goals elicits a sense of accomplishment. 

  • Lowers the risk of diseases

Another benefit of exercise for teenagers is that it reduces the risk of diseases in the body. Regular exercise can prevent obesity, lower high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. A healthy weight has a massive contribution to staying healthy and active. 

  • It helps you age well

Being a teenager, this might not be a top priority as of now but matters a big deal in the long run. The weakening of bones, which is called osteoporosis, can generally grow with age. With weight training, jumping, or brisk walking, you can manage the keep bones healthy and strong through age.

An exercise plan for teenagers

To establish a heart-healthy exercise plan, certain guidelines are important for teenagers to follow. These will help them plan their activities and make them fun and engaging in practicing.

  • Teens need to engage in a moderate-vigorous fitness routine for at least 60 minutes a day. Make sure that you are keeping your exercise routine consistent for effective results.

  • Parents should make sure to limit teenagers' screen time by two hours and replace the time with activities that involve physical activities.

  • There is no certain restriction on the kind of exercise to carry on. You can do aerobics, bone-strength training, muscle-strength training and mix these up with dancing, walking, swimming, rope skipping, or roller skating.


The importance of exercise for teenagers can't be stressed enough. The multitude of benefits can prove their significance in the long run massively. The kind of exercise isn't specific; they can choose whichever form of activity they like as long as they are exercising.