The Causes of Breast Cancer

The Causes of Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is a disease that affects people all over the world, even if they have never been diagnosed with it. Some people say that breast cancer can be caused by genetics or heredity, but this is not always the case. There are many different ways for someone to contract breast cancer due to genetics, such as family history and age, but these are not always enough to cause someone to get breast cancer. There are many other factors that come into play when determining whether or not someone gets breast cancer such as lifestyle habits and environment.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that occurs in the breast tissue. The breast tissue is made up of several different types of cells. When cancer enters the breast tissue, the cells of the breast tissue begin to grow abnormally and build up in the form of cancerous lumps or tumors. Cancer is a disease that takes place in the breast tissue and surrounding breast tissue. Because the symptoms of breast cancer can sometimes be mistaken for other conditions, it is very important to visit a doctor if you begin to notice a change in the way your breast or breast tissue look.

The likelihood of developing breast cancer

In addition to genetics and age, there are several other things that can increase your risk of getting breast cancer. These include:

  • Obesity

  • Previous radiation therapy to the chest area

  • Smoking

  • Having a family history of breast cancer

  • Having a personal history of inflammatory breast disease

  • Having invasive breast disease, such as fibrocystic breast disease

  • Interactive Breast Cancer Map.

There are several reasons why someone could contract breast cancer and most of these are completely preventable. Most people are aware of the three most common breast cancer risk factors, but some of the causes are not as well known. By making small changes in your lifestyle and your environment, you could drastically reduce your risk of contracting breast cancer. Below is a list of 10 ways you could prevent and/or lower your risk of contracting breast cancer.

Being aware of the importance of your health, both mental and physical, is extremely important when it comes to preventing breast cancer. Exercise and eating well are two of the best things you can do for your health.

The various risk factors for breast cancer

There are many different factors that can cause someone to get breast cancer, but there are only a few that account for over 90% of breast cancer. This means that almost all people have a chance of getting breast cancer, even if they are healthy individuals.

The first risk factor for breast cancer is getting older. According to, the risk of getting breast cancer increases as a person gets older. Breast cancer is mostly an issue for older women, but it can also affect younger women.

The second risk factor is a family history of breast cancer. While there is a hereditary factor, there are also environmental factors.


Breast cancer is definitely a disease that shouldn’t be ignored. Women all over the world should be mindful of how they feel throughout their entire lives and how breast cancer can potentially affect them in the future. With new treatments and therapies being developed constantly, women are being helped more than ever before to stay strong and to live long.

Whether or not breast cancer runs in your family, pay attention to your body. Go to your doctor regularly. Eat healthy and exercise. If breast cancer runs in your family, be smart about your lifestyle choices and pay attention to your environment. This is why finding out the best treatments to treat breast cancer is so important. Find out the 10 reasons why breast cancer is the most dreaded disease in women.